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Video Production Services

If you need professional video production and post-production services, we can help

Last updated 26th August 2008.

shooting Apart from running the DVuser website Nigel Cooper also runs his own production company in Cambridgeshire called Generic Pool HD Productions and is also a professional freelance Lighting Cameraman as well as an Editor/Compositor.

Nigel Cooper has been a professional video producer since 1995 and now runs his own production company in Cambridgeshire where he specializes in SIVs, Training DVDs, Corporate videos and the odd bit of TV Broadcast work. Nigel started out his career studying stills photography, and then eventually set up his own photographic studio in North London where he specialized in advertisement and corporate photography. During this period in the late 1980s he shot advertisement posters for companies such as BMW cars and Smirnoff vodka. After several years in stills photography Nigel decided that video was the next natural progression so he got formal training as a Lighting Cameraman.

As a professional production company we can offer all kinds of services including corporate productions, training DVDs, educational programmes, infomercials, music videos etc.

set"The key to any successful video is the way the material is shot and the advance planning prior to the shoot. If shooting is poor, unimaginative and technically inadequate, nothing in post-production will put that right"

Whether it’s for a Video, DVD, CD-Rom, Web Site publication, DigiBeta, full High Definition (HD) for broadcast, or any other application, we have learned that a client's real concern is how to get from concept to completion. We totally understand this and therefore know exactly how to extract your basic ideas and turn them into visual images.

The way we achieve this is by asking you to outline in simple detail your proposal. We then move on to putting together a shooting script, shot list and filming schedule. The schedule is influenced by locations, resources, time and budget. We always aim to work within your budget and to keep the costs down we usually ask you to organize locations and to write the first draft of the script.

"A video makes a very persuasive selling communication, much more than a brochure ever could"

greenscreenThere are a lot of reasons for the expanded demand for video production, not the least of which is that making a video is a lot sexier than making yet another written report or brochure. One thing that has made this shift from print to moving image possible is that today it can cost no more to produce and distribute an information video of a reasonable length than to put out a first-quality, four-colour brochure. And for now, at least, the video is likely to command much more attention from the audience than the brochure, which may be perceived as “just one more damn thing to read.

We have access to many professional studios ranging from a basic corporate conference room to a fully kitted out broadcast production studio such as Black Island and Pinewood. Regardless of your requirements, we can accommodate you.

Lighting Cameraman
This would be my good self armed with high-end DVCAM, DigiBeta, or XDCAM-HD or HDCAM equipment, depending on your requirements. A full lighting set up consisting of Redheads, Dedolites, KinoFlo fluorescent units, Arri 2000 watt Blondes, a selection of reflectors, diffusers, skylites, gels, scrims, nets, projection lens with gobos and various other accessories. The sound equipment consists of Sennheiser lavalier and rifle mics, Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser reporter’s mics, an AKG vocal mic and a Mackie mixer.

sony pdw-700Small corporate production crew
If your production requirements are for a corporate, training, promotional, infomercial, instructional or recruitment style DVD, our crew usually consists of 3 people: a Lighting Cameraman, a Sound Recordist and a Production Manager, and of course the client’s advisor. An Auto-Cue with operator is also available.

Music videos
If your production requirements are for a music video, the crew will consist of a Director, Lighting Cameraman, Sound Recordist (though rarely needed for music videos), Grips and various other crew members depending on the production.

"It’s only when we go into post production that all the visual ideas become reality. We bring all the raw footage together adding animation, graphics, special FX, sound and various other visual enhancement techniques to tailor the video to your exact requirements, giving you the best possible production"

Post Production
We use the very latest digital non-linear editing equipment in our edit suite consisting of Apple Mac Intel core duo computers with Final Cut Studio 2 HD for the cutting and general editing work, Shake for complex compositing and special FX work, Soundtrack Pro for audio manipulation and fixing, Logic Pro 7 for audio composing and arranging, DVD Studio Pro for DVD authoring, BitVice and Compressor for MPEG2 DVD encoding and Photoshop CS2 for graphics manipulation work.

"We carry out all postproduction and editing on a top of the range Apple Mac based On-line digital non-linear editing system, this maintains the highest possible quality at all stages of editing. Because our edit suite is 100% digital there is no generation loss whatsoever at any stage o the edit"

editOther post production hardware includes Tannoy Reveal Active near-field audio monitors, Mackie 8 channel audio mixer, Matrox MXO/Apple 24" grading monitor, Beyerdynamic pro studio vocal mic for voice-over work.

“During the editing stages we work very closely with the client supplying proof copies on VHS at various stages to ensure that everything is coming together to your satisfaction”

Your final production can be supplied on Mini DV, DVCAM, DigiBeta or HDCAM (for broadcast) or Super-16mm or 35mm film (for theatre screenings).

Why not look at our main production company web site: Generic Pool Productions

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